7 Android apps must be installed on gadget

7 Android Apps Must Be Installed On GadgetAndroid based gadget comes with its advantages as compared to other, like Windows Phone and iOS. The first is the variety of a free application which is beneficial as well as spread much in the support Play Store. Unlike both competitors expertise level, in spite of the identical support with Android devices. Nevertheless, iOS platform application store just a few provide free application, since most from the applications it offers paid. In terms of Windows Phone, not many apps supplied by this platform. Here is a list of 7 Android apps that should be installed on your phone or Android tablet, according to the needs of modern applications, Internet technology, and communications are increasingly sophisticated in 2015.

7 Android Apps Must Be Installed On Gadget

1. AirDroid
The reason why AirDroid app shall be installed on Android phones is because of this free Android app allows Android phone users to connect wirelessly to a PC. Then, access airdroid.com in browser for smartphone can access all files including mp3, photos, music, video, pdf and other files. Link address for free AirDroid APK download at http://bit.ly/1ImXhbh

7 Android Apps Must Be Installed On Gadget

2. Dropbox & Google Drive
Dropbox and Google Drive app will give you the possibility to store more data, enabling users to expand the internal storage in a secure and flexible access through other devices, which is of course not limited to the devices based on Android OS. Not only save the file in the form of text, photos, and music, but you can upload files such as video, and hosting facilities that you can get for free. Link address for free Dropbox & Google Drive APK download at http://adf.ly/1Jz0aV

7 Android Apps Must Be Installed On Gadget

3. MX Player
MX Player app is a free video player app that is highly recommended for installed on Android phones, because other video player does not have as good quality MX Player with fast performance and a simple menu. MX Player application interface is quite simple, so the operation is quite perform left and right, slide up or down to adjust brightness and volume round of films, as well as jumping back and forth quickly to select the movie track. Free MX Player APK download at http://bit.ly/1GUNDdJ

7 Android Apps Must Be Installed On Gadget

4. Nova Launcher
Applications modifier theme for Android is scattered on the Google Play Store, however, Nova Launcher is an Android application that is highly recommended because it carries view that is quite refreshing and interesting. In it offered the update feature the theme of free and paid versions, but it also is an additional feature to maximize the performance of the devices installed. Free Nova Launcher APK download at http://bit.ly/1TZyy1f

5. Evernote
Free note application shall be installed in Android devices, both phones and tablets, is Evernote. Synchronization with cloud-based storage application and simple display, is one of the things that recommend this app remains installed on your Android gadget. Free Evernote APK download at http://bit.ly/1Np6jog

6. SwiftKey
Never mentioned that the virtual keyboard is displayed every Android device is not so convenient to use, because there is little to complain. To get around this, the SwiftKey app become mandatory to be installed. This design display comes with customization adjustments to the screen, thus making the screen Android is not too narrow and the ranks of letters, numbers and other symbols displayed properly and simple, so that will be comfortable to use. Free SwiftKey APK download at http://bit.ly/1SWOLmo

7. Here Maps
In addition to Google Maps, no one if we install more than one map application in Android-based devices, but it is recommended to use the Here Maps app on the Android device. Because the Map application is not free can only be used in online mode, but the interesting Map application can be used offline. In addition to the road map, a guide to guide through voice and a vehicle, the system can also be guided with turn-by-turn. Free Here Maps APK download at http://bit.ly/1TZBgUE

Thus the list of 7 Android apps must be installed on gadget and link address for free APK download. You can download all 0 of 7 Android apps must be installed on gadget picture to your gadget by right clicking picture and then save image as. Do not forget to share if you like with this wallpaper.