Best Android Puzzle Games

Best Android Puzzle GamesPlaying Android game feels more enjoyable, not only because more and more types and genres of Android games, but also the quality of the graphics and quality game that is getting better, and more, are also increasingly varied types of free Android games offered, be it Android 3D games, as well as Android HD games. The nature of the game Android also can provide the right choice for us, want to choose android games online, or offline android games. Puzzle is one genre Android game interesting and a lot of variants, from the name of the game, the type of graphics, the game difficulty level, as well as the vendors who make the game. Of the thousands of Android puzzle game, there are always several games into categories or rank as a favorite puzzle game and the best Android puzzle games, based on a certain time.

Best Android Puzzle Games

In 2015, more and more titles of themed puzzle game available on Google play store, you can download it for free, including free Android games, semi-premium and premium Android games. Although sometimes very monotonous puzzle game models and impressed at inter games with each other, but it has been increasingly abandoned, because the more there are variations and improvements in terms of graphics, gaming materials, audio, visual, and also the level of difficulty in a puzzle game. The better and the details of the graphics the game is presented, the more interesting and challenging of existing games, the flexibility of game play with a touch screen phone, it will tend to be downloaded to be played by the lovers of best Android puzzle games.

Here is a list of some of the best Android puzzle games :
1. Where is My water
Where’s my water is a game made by Disney which also presents a model puzzle game is slightly different from most other puzzle games, as well as cut the rope, this game is very unique Android game and interesting and cool to be played by both children and adults. Best Android puzzle games, Where’s My Water game is indeed quite fun, the graphics are pretty good, pleasing to the eye, also we can download this Android games for free on the Google Play store.

2. Cute the Rope
Cut the Rope is a puzzle game that is very popular Android and the best, where to play the game by cutting the ropes to drop candy into the mouth of a cute little monster. One of the most unique idea in the history of the game puzzle successfully raised in this game. Level-by-level filled with a variety of interesting puzzles, then there are two versions of this game, which is free cute the rope game, and also premium cute the rope.

3. Candy Crush Saga
This game types seem common and simple as a puzzle game Android, but in fact precisely this game including a puzzle game android that a lot of downloaded and played by Android game lovers around the world. This game is a kind of online Android game can be played with the help of an internet connection or WiFi hotspot. This game type is preferred by children, adolescents, and adults too, though when played is not always easy to resolve, because it requires sufficient precision, patience, and skill we are in the play, as the number of levels in this best Android puzzle games to hundreds of level.

4.  Drop 7
Drop 7 in the one of best Android puzzle game is using the line just like the legendary game, Tetris. These players will play Tetris game with the form of numbers located on a disc. The players also have to drop some of the discs, not only that, the number of discs that have to match the number of discs available on the column. If it matches the disc will rupture, thus making the new space to be filled. Drop7 is Android game, which can be downloaded and used for free on Android smartphones and tablets, with different features when we played that premium version. This Android puzzle game match played by all ages, male and female, as well as the version of Android OS that is recommended to play this best Android puzzle game is the Android version 4 and above.


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