COC Tips : How to get Loot quickly

COC Tips : How To Get Loot QuicklyClash Of Clans (COC) has become a very popular Android game in the community of gamers. War strategy game for Android is also available for iOS. Clash of Clans is included in the strategy genre, certainly to play the COC game requires tick tips, and observations are appropriate in all respects. Here are a few tips, tricks and strategies on how to find and get the resources, namely how to get Loot quickly, such as gold, elixir, dark elixir, and more. Each user has a different way from a combination of different forces. to choose what kind of enemy they would seek to get the loot. The clash of clans there are two types of players are the type of players and the type of farming trophy. On Android tips for this COC game is for user-type farming because it is more concerned with the amount of loot from the amount trophy.
1. Attack the enemy village
The first of COC trick is to attack the base attack opponents through the menu and select search. But even so there are some tricks that you must do to make the process of looting obtain maximum results. Some tips and strategies to attack the enemy in order to get a lot of gold and elixir, are:
Look for enemies who have gold or elixir above 100,000. For town-hall low level below 100 thousand gold may still be useful, but town-hall 6 up all the costs for upgrading weapons is very high and you should take advantage of the attack to the maximum.
Choose an enemy that gold and elixir has not harvested or still inside the gold mine. This will make it easier to get a lot of loot without having to laboriously enter into opponent’s defense. Gold mine usually only placed in the outer portion of a base, so as to use only barbarian archer and you can drain the entire loot enemies quickly and easily. Sign if gold is in gold mine enemies is a gold deposit appear to be empty but they are very much gold.
Use standard troops, such as barbarian, archer and goblins. do not make the army a long time-consuming and expensive. In addition to the time of making the troops quickly, a combination of both is also very effective. so do not waste your time waiting for the troops ready for battle.
Targeting ghost village, or a village that has not been taken care of by their owners so that the gold and the gold miner elixir never harvested, but it is quite difficult to find this kind, we must be patient in pressing the next button.
Save the spell, if the enemy only has the number of gold and the elixir that is not how, but do not hesitate to use the spell if it is deemed necessary because the enemy has gold and elixir in large numbers such as 350,000 upwards.
Do not be afraid to lose the trophy, if deemed comparable to loot you get. If the opponent is very large resources base, then attacking the enemy and drain out without fear of losing the trophy.

COC Tips : How To Get Loot Quickly

2. Clan war bonus
Bonus obtained from clan wars is enormous and it all depends on the order in which you attack enemies. Just enough to get one star alone then you’ve got the bonus of your winnings. But the condition of your clan should win in a clan war, then you just take the bonus through the castle at your base.

COC Tips : How To Get Loot Quickly

3. Using the Xmod Apps
Xmod application is an Android application that is used to modify a variety of games including the clash of clans android, but the requirement to use the Xmod, the Android phones and tablets should have been at the root condition. Many of the features that can allow you to play Clash of Clans with facilities of xmod, one of which is very useful in the search for gold and elixir. This Android application can automatically setting a minimum amount of gold, the elixir, and also for dark elixir. That is a Android tips of COC Tips : How to get Loot quickly, and you can try it.

COC Tips : How To Get Loot Quickly
COC Tips : How To Get Loot Quickly

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