Free Android Photo Editor

Free Android Photo EditorAndroid continues to grow rapidly, as supported by the facilities, features, and specifications of gadgets (such as Android phones and Android tablets) are increasingly capable and sophisticated. Not only Android games, Android apps are simple, interesting applications, and applications that are free, the more indulging for lovers free Android app. Multimedia applications and photography, became part of the popular Android apps and many downloaded from Playstore, and used by Android users. Video editor app free apps, free mp3 cutter and a free photo editor application, the more easily found with a variety of features, appearance, amounting to thousands, and usability for the Android lovers.

Free Android Photo Editor

Of various free Android app as a photo editor, and included in the best Android photo editor, can be divided into 10 major applications. Due to technological advances, especially Android, Edit Photos can not only through the laptop, but with the Android smartphone, Android phablet, and Android tablets that can be done easily and practically. In fact, the use of photo editors on Android is easier to operate than through a laptop, although the results are not so different from the photo editor at the laptop. Photo editing app is increasingly becoming a trend among us, because many phones are high-resolution cameras, as well as in persons hobby for increasing selfie photo. For people who like narcissistic will take photos whenever and wherever, they love in a photo to share to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Path to share moments with friends. The images were taken to be the best results, so we use a photo editor application that has a lot of unique and interesting effects. Feature photo editor application, among others; to change the size of images, photos brighten, smooth the skin, cut the photo, combine photo, photo effects, merge photos, and more. Here is 5 best photo editor for Android ;

Free Android Photo Editor

1. Camera 360 Ultimate apk
Camera 360 Ultimate, very popular and some even give it a more powerful testimony than facial surgery. This image editor application, can be deceiving from the original face, because they are face black / brown / tan could turn white when in a picture and we see it on Facebook like the pretty / handsome. We can directly edit the photos we take with this camera 360. In addition, we can also do it on photos stored in the smartphone. Run it fairly easy. We just click effect under to add effects to our pictures. Camera 360 Ultimate has diverse effects, standard effects such as sepia, black white, negative, etc. There are also interesting effects such as; HDR to enrich color in the photo. There is also Magic skin feature that can smooth and brighten skin instantly, this effect is usually used for photo editing selfie girl and coupled with sexy lips that make the lips become red. There is also a ghost effect that such displays no ghost sightings around our pictures, and much more effects on this Camera 360 app.

2. Perfect365: Best Face Makeup App
This photo editor app made of Arcsoft photo, named Perfect 365 including still rarely known to many people. App Perfect365 is editing application in the face, in which condition we face should be facing forward. Various effects have been provided in this Android makeup application, and was able to make up me face to be more beautiful or handsome. It’s a bit of an extreme makeover, and in fact in Perfect365 app we can enlarge the eyes, reducing the volume of the cheeks to look more slim face, carve a smile on the lips, make-up instantly, and other effects that are not less interesting. Perfect365-apk can be taken for free on Google Playstore.

3. Photo Lab Apk
Photo Lab app is the Android application that provides photo editing pictures frames and unique background. So you can make your picture as if they were located elsewhere. For example, was there in the Sahara Desert, in space, on the beach, and even make photos into a book cover.

4. Photoshop Touch Pro
Photoshop Touch Pro apk is not free Android photo editor app, it cost $5. For fans of photo editing and photo designer, of course, very familiar with the application Photoshop, a photo editing app that is very complete, and also features the effect that so much. Not only for photo editing, but for drawing and animation can be done with Photoshop. For Android users, are able to use the best photo editor app (Photoshop apk) on the tablet or Android smartphone, but it is not free, and Playstore must buy it at a low price, which is $ 5.

5. Instagram
The next popular photo editor for Android is Instagram. With instagram app, we can edit photos with unique effects on the photo. The reason why Instagram is quite popular is because after editing we can directly upload photos to the internet, because Instagram is one atu this sat well-known social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Path. In addition, we can post to Instagram instagram account and share it with friends on Instagram network. Instagram is very popular app, Instagram is also used by some manufacturers for promotion to customers. Not only the artists, state officials are also many who have Instagram account.

Thus information of the best Android app about free Android Photo Editor, may be useful.


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