How to create a partition SD Card on Android

How To Create A Partition SD Card On AndroidAndroid tips on how to create a partition on SD Card (MMC) on Android tablet/phones. Generally ways or tips to create partitions on a memory card there are 2 ways, using the Android application, and through software on a computer like partition magic. If you do not want to be bothered in the partitioned memory card through the computer software, then just use a partition tool or application partitions SD Card for Android. There is a miraculous Android partitions application is nice and also free to be used in the partition or dividing the memory card. Partitions on the SD Card is the process of dividing or splitting capacity memory cards into 2 or more, and make one part a partition to function as access to mobile (instead of internal memory) and other parts of the partition function for storage of media files. In addition with the help of Android partition app, there are several requirements that must be met, so that the process of partitioning the SD Card on Android can run fast and there are no missing files.

How To Create A Partition SD Card On Android

Conditions that need attention to partition SD Card on Android :

– Minimum OS Android is Gingerbread.
– Memory card is normal and can be read
– Back up data on the SD card that will be partitioned into a laptop, using a card reader (MMC Adapter)
– Minimum capacity is 4GB SD Card. Recommended 8 GB upwards, with Class 4 or higher.
– Mobile / Android tablets condition already Rooted, where the tablet / Android phones are able to access SuperUser.
– Must install the Busy Box Apps on Android phones, because this Android application can be used to create a repository that is required on the phone when the memory card partition runs.
– Must install Android Partitions App; named Android Partition Aparted. This application is one of the best and free SD Card Partition Apps for Android.

How To Create A Partition SD Card On Android

How to create a partition SD Card for Android Link2SD :

– Go to settings > Storage > Remove the Micro SD card storage> un-mount the SD card. (This process will work if you do “un-mount the SD card”).
– Open Aparted apps and select the tab “CREATE” and press the green button “+”. Then you will be asked to make the first partition, this partition will be accessible to the user as an external storage. You can choose the amount of space in accordance with the selection. You do this by sliding the ruler green color as desired. If you are using a capacity of 4 GB, then make the first partition of 2 GB. Select the type as FAT 32 and select the “APPLY CHANGES”, by pressing the menu selection. This will create a primary partition as a space that you want to delete all the contents of the SD card.
– After completing primary partition, will be displayed part 1 and part 2 are available on the SD card. You can make some parts of the SD card, where a maximum of four partitions. But preferably, cause the memory capacity only 4GB, then make as many as 2 partitions only on the memory card. The first part is a primary partition, and the second part is the remaining space will be used by the phone as an internal memory. Tick the box on the second partition and change to EXT2 (note: not FAT32). and let Android partitions apps run to completion.
– After you check “PART 2” and click the “CREATE”, or can by pressing the select Advanced settings option changes. If the SD Card is a class 6 upwards and minimum capacity of 4GB, it can make 3 partitions and the last is a SWAP partition. Where SWAP helps to improve the performance of RAM. Capacity for SWAP do not need too much, so a maximum of 500 MB.
– The final step of tips or how to create a partition SD Card on Android is reboot the Android phone. After your phone restarts automatically process the partition of the memory card has been completed.

How To Create A Partition SD Card On Android
How To Create A Partition SD Card On Android

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